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System & Organization Controls (SOC) Services

System & Organization Controls (SOC) Services

Through the years auditing standards for service organizations have evolved from SAS-70 to SSAE-16 and now the current SSAE-18.  The significant changes to the standard(s) were designed to address changes in the way organizations conduct business, specifically the use of systems and services in the cyber world or "public network".  As such, the AICPA has been progressive in establishing guidance to practicing CPA's to attest on an organizations control environment.  The end result is to provide an attestation, by an independent party, that provides report users valuable information regarding the organization control environment.  
SOC reports have become a valuable resource for customers (current and future), business partners, and key stakeholders that work with a service organization.  The need to prepare and conduct the SOC assessment has become a necessary certification for many service organizations.  Finding that "right" CPA firm to conduct your assessment and provide guidance is of great importance.  That's where 1st Secure Compliance can help.  1st Secure Compliance is an exclusive provider of SOC services and is laser focused on providing exceptional service to help your organization work towards certification.   

Our Services

1st Secure Complilance specializes in consulting, advising and conducting SOC Assessments.  Our goal is to provide sound, efficient and cost effective services to ensure our clients meet their business objectives.

Our Services

SOC Readiness Assessments

In this consulting engagement, we'll get you ready to successfully complete a SOC-2 assessment.

SOC Review and Reporting

Process to complete the various types of SOC Reports.

Policy & Procedure Development

We'll assist in the development of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with SOC criteria.

SOC for Cybersecurity

An entity-wide examination and attestation of an organization's Cybersecurity Risk Management Program

SOC 2 - PCI DSS Mapping

With significant experience with the PCI-DSS, we've developed a SOC-2 to PCI-DSS control mapping matrix to provide organizations a means to utilize controls across standards.

Ready to find out more?

Give us a call at (954) 818-9045 or email Steve Dewsnap at to learn more about SOC assessments

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